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Time Doesn't Wait

Looking at my daughter, Khloe...I can't believe that she's almost as tall as I am. I have so many memories of her being my babygirl. Her first steps..she walked at 7 months. She never crawled. I remember her first visit to the park and her first sub sandwich. But this year, 2022, she and I will reach milestones in our lives. She'll be 10 and I'll be 40 but outside of that we will be having a very important conversation. It's time for us to have the "period" talk.

About a month ago, after telling her to grab me a tampon for the millionth time; she finally asked me what they were for. I knew that the question would arise because she sees them all the time. I buy them and her dad buys them for me sometimes as well. I didn't answer her then because I needed to prepare. She reminded me again this week that I promised to tell her what tampons are for. Times up.

I remember when I was in 5th was graduation day and we wore all white. White dress, white graduation gown. Guess who got their period that day? I DID!! Luckily, I wasn't too embarrassed. Mom had already had the talk with me. Daddy Charles ran to the store to get my first box of maxi pads. Lol! Khloe will be in 5th grade next year. I don't know if she'll also get her period by the end of the year but it is my responsibility as a parent to make sure that she's ready. Yes I know that there will be Sex Ed being taught by the time she reaches that grade but I will not depend on the school to teach my child about her body. I want her to understand the seriousness of what a period represents. It's not a time to make jokes or be cute. It's not a time to come up with cutesy names and scenarios. Times have changed tremendously since I was her age. Technology has sped everything up. Things are much more accessible and there is also a lot of misinformation available.

As a parent, it is my responsibility to answer the hard questions even when it's not easy. Truth be told, some of us rely on celebrities and social media influencers to raise our children. As I think about this, the Lil Nas X's video comes to mind. Yall remember the outrage that came behind the Montero video. Not even the song but the video. He was doing all types of things in that video but it was the visual of him "attempting to sexually seduce Satan" that received the most outrage. I didn't like it either...but I read how people were blaming him for not being a good role model to children. But guess what?!? Lil Nas X doesn't have any kids. He doesn't have to be anyone's role model. His job is to be an entertainer. I mean some people believe that his job is to gain Satan followers and some believe that he is a follower of Satan but my job isn't to delve in any of that as a parent. It is mine and my husband's job to teach our kids about certain things. Some things they will learn throughout life but while they are young and impressionable we can't rely on the media, celebrities, or any other influencers to do so. It is not their responsibility. Whether people question how u parent or not, doesn't matter. As long as you're not physically, mentally, or emotionally abusing your children; you choose how you parent. Most of us are doing the best that we can with what we have. I can't imagine being a single mom. But I commend every single women that is raising a son by herself. I commend every single father raising a daughter by himself. It's hardwork. I commend every parent for doing their best.

So this time I don't have a challenge at all. I actually have a question. When did you decide that it was the right time to speak to your daughter about her period? Did u wait until she got it or did u talk to her prior to? Did you tell her everything or did u save some of the info for later? I think I'm going to give Khloe the whole sha-bang. She's already smarter than I was when I was her age. The child told me what online dating was the other day. My God tuhday🤦‍♀️

And when it comes to your sons, when did you start talking to them about girls, sex, condoms, and reproduction? When did u explain the different between consensual and non-consensual sex? I know that I have a couple years since my son is only 6 years old but I would love to hear from you. Truth be told, we need to go indept with our daughters as well. As they get a lil older they need to learn the difference between rape and consent. I was raped in college. The most horrendous night of my life but thats a topic for another blog on another day. All I'm saying is that having these sort of conversations are important because it seems like the world is moving faster than it ever has. My daughter knows what it means to be homosexual vs straight. She knows what it means to be transgender vs cisgender. I didn't have to tell her any of this. Truthfully, some adults dont even know what these terms mean. She learned it all from school and "Wal-Mart ", on vacation... etc. She's not a recluse. Lol! Truthfully, she has a couple lesbian cousins and a gay uncle. People aren't hiding who they are or who they want to be anymore and they SHOULD NOT have to. I know that you're asking yourself, "What does all of this have to do with her having a conversation with Khloe about what a period is?!?" It's just time to have these difficult conversations with our children. Some of you may be passed the "period" conversation. It may be time to have some other conversations. We have to ask the hard questions to find out what our kids know and expound on it if necessary. Not having hard conversations result in us not being aware of who our children really are, what their interests are, and how they feel about things. I am concerned about who my kids are and what they know. I'm sure you are too. I want to know how they feel and I want them to know that their dad and I are there for them. Time is not waiting on us at all. It's literally passing us by. We have to catch up. There's no excuse. If we don't teach our children..give them a solid foundation of knowledge...the world will and it's not going to be nice about it. I know that you're nervous. Well, at least I am.

So I stand in the gap praying that God continues to cover our kids. I pray that our kids become leaders and not followers...that they make sound decisions for themselves... And that the decisions they make will be the right decisions. I pray that our children will receive the knowledge about the many important topics that every parent reading this blog is going to have to have with them. I declare that the information given and the knowledge received will be taken seriously. In Jesus Name. 🙏 Amen.

Love always,


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