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No Time For Toxic People

It's so nice when toxic people stop talking to you. It's like the trash took itself out. LOL! But seriously tho. Have you ever thought about it?? How many people have u stopped speaking to since just last year? Listen, I know that we've only completed one full week in 2022 but I bet some of you are happy that you left specific people in 2021. Let's talk about it.

See, I have a very good friend who "had" a friend. A friend that she loved and trusted 100%. I mean their history together was rich until that one day when my friend found out that her friend didn't defend her when she wasn't present. That's friend 101. Right? We all know that. People who defend your name when you're not around are the most loyal friends that you could ever get. But this blog is not about friendship. I've already addressed that. This blog is about something much deeper.

You see it wasn't about what my friend's friend did to her, it's about how she responded. Respond intelligently even to untillegent treatment. In other words, my friend respectfully moved on.

In my 39 years of life, like my friend, I've realized that people either inspire you or they drain you. And for that reason I've learned to pick them wisely. I've had people in my life who mistreated me and treated me like I was common. They treated me that way because they didn't know what I carried. But God!!! God want them to treat me that way because he wanted me to see who those people were. Hear me when I say that if they knew what I was carrying, they would have latched on to me. They would have latched on and sabotaged the journey that God has placed me on. How many of you are linked to people that mean you no good? How many of you are connected to people that have been draining you of your talents, your hopes and dreams, your vision?!? If you can name one, I'm here to tell you to cut the cord. It's time to disconnect from that person (those people).

Remember, we left negativity in 2021. And I mean negatively in all totality. If it's not benefiting your life, making you a better person, helping you's negative. This includes people. Personally, I've only been surrounding myself with people and things that effect me positively. I'm so much more intentional and it's benefited me gravely.

So here's the challenge. I challenge you to examine the people in ur life and I'm not only talking about your friends. Examine everyone that is connected to you. What role do they play in your life? Are they effecting your life negatively or positively? Do they insire you or drain you? Listen, I've learn that some family members can be some of the most toxic people. Examine them closely.

This year we're taking care of our mental health and one of the ways that were doing that is by ridding ourselves of toxic people. Let them go. It's not worth your sanity. It's not worth your physical health. It's definitely not worth your spiritual relationship with God. Trust me. I know.

Love always,


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