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Harder is Better!!

On Feb 12, 2022, I did my 40th birthday photoshoot. My photographer was magnificent. It was so much fun. I got the pictures back on Feb 20, 2022. I looked at them. I didn’t feel too bothered with the pics of me in the black dress although I could clearly see my stomach had gotten bigger. It was the pics of me in the burgundy outfit that sent me over the edge. I made up in my mind that day that it was time for me to make a change.

But u know what’s crazy and truly sad. What’s sad is that it was the way that I “looked” that helped me make a decision to get healthy. It wasn’t the fact that I had gotten up to 206lbs being only 5’0 tall. I mean

I’m glad that my weight isn’t distributed badly. It wasn’t the fact that my fupa had started to sit in my lap when I sit down. It wasn’t the fact that my legs had started to hurt so bad due to the strain that I was putting on them. It wasn’t the fact that it literally takes me forever to decide on an outfit to wear. So many of my clothes no longer fit. Not to mention the fact that I snore and I breathe hard as heck when I walk up and down my stairs. I think the point that I’m making is that we don’t realize how hung up we are on our looks. We don’t really take into consideration how we feel. We don’t listen to our bodies. We hear it but we don’t listen. But why are we this way?

I literally can’t decide if the real reason why I want to lose weight is because it’ll make me healthier or because I’ll look good in a bathing suit. Smh. But the real question is: Does the reason matter? Or does it just matter that I decided to lose weight? I honestly don’t think the reason matters. Let me tell you why.

The reason you do something isn’t as important as the fact that you’re actually doing it. Sometimes we need things in our life that motivates us to keep going but soon enough we won’t even need those motivational things anymore. We would just WANT to keep going. I used my birthday photos as motivation to lose weight but now I just get up and workout because I want to. I feel amazing when I finish a workout. I feel accomplished.

But it’s not just about health, fitness, and wellness…it’s about everything that we do. It’s about making decisions that will enhance our quality of life. In our work lives, in our fitness, and more importantly in our spiritual lives. God will give us the strength to do the hard things, the things that we feel we can’t do. I was reminded that there isn’t a such thing as can’t. Either we will or we choose not to. It’s easier to choose not to do something. But it’s not about taking the easy way out all the time. It’s the hard things that help us build physical and mental muscle. We have to do hard things on purpose and be confident in knowing that the end result will far exceed the effort we will exert and the pain we will suffer.

So here’s the challenge. I challenge you to tackle the things that you feel are hard. Whether it’s working out 3 times a week, drinking more water or limiting your sugar intake. Try working on a project that you’ve been putting off based on your confidence level. Anything that you have been wanting to do, get up and do it. No matter how hard it is. Do it. I promise that the end result will far exceed the effort you put in and the pain you will suffer.

Love always,


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